Attack Heroes +8 Trainer

Attack Heroes

About This Game

Attack Heroes is a funny-hot blood indie game which requires your abilities to finish all the challenging stages. The Story is based on The Three Kingdoms, telling about the adventure of Xiaomu, a guy with mysterious antecedents. Implicated by LiuBei, he and his fellow started a journey escaping from the capturing of officals. There’s not only fun on this journey, but showing the loyalty of these guys. Gradually, they found the answer about the huge secret why the world became more and more strange…

Takes the ‘operable acting animes’ as a core, we use the battle style of Japanese manga and combine many manga-acting techs with lens-using techs, for showing the strong feeling of skills’ actions. In music, we create 8 different songs originally by LuoTianyi ,making you battling with particular rhythms, like enjoying animes’ openings.

The battle mode is easy but strategic. It requires your reflex and switching strategy because the heroes will come on stage one by one as a tight loop. There’re 52 special skills for you to create your own combo style. Never forget, the fierce, fascinating, blooded, tricky Boss on each stage is waiting for you as a hungry wolf.


Infinite Health
Skill No Cooldown
Super Skill No Cooldown
Infinite Money
Max Star
Max Combo
Max Level All
Unlock All Character


Attack Heroes +8 Trainer


Run game, wait till in start menu, run trainer, load game, click on options or use hotkey, enjoy.


Tested on Steam version 1.08

Use “Max Level All” and “Unlock All Characters” only in the character select menu. Use it once.

Support skill is not affected by the skill no cooldown option.

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