Badass Hero +9 Trainer

Badass Hero

About This Game

Badass Hero is a roguelite platformer shooter set in a comic book universe. The game features fast-paced hit and run gameplay, procedural generation of levels and random items that make every playthrough different! All in extremely polished, modern and high-resolution 2D art.

In Badass Hero you shoot enemies with various guns while avoiding projectiles, traps and obstacles. Collect ink from defeated enemies to upgrade your hero. Play dynamically and aggressively and take risks like a badass to get greater rewards! Stay focused at all times or you’ll die sooner than you think. Become proficient with your character’s skills and master each enemy to succeed!


  • Comic book setting
  • Action platforming with 360 shooting
  • Procedurally generated levels
  • Customizable character
  • Permadeath with character progression
  • Completely unique worlds, each with its own bosses and minibosses
  • Tons of gameplay-changing items and guns


Infinite Health
Infinite Ammo
Infinite Ink
Infinite Jump
Infinite Combo
Infinite Super Power
Infinite Fast Travel
Infinite Skill Points
Movement Speed Multiplier


Badass Hero +9 Trainer


Run game, wait till you are on the main menu, run trainer, start your game, click on options or use the hotkeys, enjoy.


“Infinite Super Power” also affects grenades.

“Infinite Skill Points” – start a game first then activate this option then quit to the main menu, you will have 1 skill point, upgrade a skill, it will set your skill point to 999

“Movement Speed Multiplier” will cycle up to 3 speeds just click it again or use the hotkey.

Tested on Early Access Build 9 Steam may also work with other versions.

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