Battle Bruise +6 Trainer

Battle Bruise

About This Game

Stay atop a mountain of corpses!
Fight numerous swarms of enemies, while dealing with the changing terrain. Explosions will create holes, while pile of corpses will form little mountains.

This game isn’t messy. It’s MESS ITSELF!

The game features:

  • The main “Arcade mode”, and,
  • The optional “Car Defense” mode, where you defend your parked vehicle with turrets
  • Around 5 classes of weapons
  • 5 different enemies with distinct behaviors, and a final boss
  • Soundtrack by Txai, inspired on Pothead Zombies series


Infinite Health
Infinite Ammo
Infinite Missile
Infinite Money
Infinite Dash Attack
Infinite Car Health


Battle Bruise +6 Trainer


Run game, wait till you are on the main menu, run trainer, play game, click on options or use hotkey, enjoy.


Tested on initial release

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