The Signal From Toelva +9 Trainer

The Signal From Toelva
The Signal From Toelva

About This Game

The Signal From Tölva is an open-world first-person shooter from Big Robot, the British development team behind Sir, You Are Being Hunted.

Key Features

  • Explore a single-player shooter set in a sprawling, hand-crafted landscape.
  • Delve into science fiction mystery as you investigate the haunting highlands of Tölva.
  • Fight a war of territory control against dynamic and ferocious AI.
  • Recruit allied robots to fight alongside you.
  • Equip electronic countermeasures, plasma shields, and savage beam weapons for intense skirmishing.


Infinite Resource
Infinite Health
Infinite Shield
Weapon No Reload
Weapon No Spread
Weapon Huge Damage
Weapon No Cooldown
Core Loadout

Screen Shot

The Signal From Toelva +9 Trainer


Run the game, run the trainer, wait till your save is loaded, click on options, enjoy.


If you want to disable Weapon Huge Damage and Weapon No Cooldown
go to bunker and change weapons.

To use Levelup – go to map first, or press ‘M’, then click Level-up or use
the hotkey(numpad +).

Core Loadout and Level-Up will not save.

Do not “Save & Quit to Menu” then load a game, it will crash the game.

Version 1.0
Tested on version 1.0.2 (da9c3d1)

Version 1.1
Tested on version 1.0.24(2b88758)

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